Game Introduction

Conquest 3 Kingdoms (C3K) Mobile is the best Massively Multiplayer Online Simulation Game (MMO-SLG) with 3 Kingdoms background story. Set your own strategy, conquer all the Kingdoms and become the greatest General in C3K.
3 Kingdoms
Choose your own destiny between SHU, WU, and WEI. Once you have chosen your Nation, there’s no way to go back! Protect and fight for the sake of your Kingdom!
Never Ending War!
Enemies and traitors will seek for chance to destroy your Kingdom anytime when you’re unguarded. Prepare and feel most thrilling and challenging Never Ending War ever made in MMO-SLG game history!
Legendary Generals
Recruit all the greatest Generals in 3 Kingdoms history and defeat all your enemy with your own tactical and strategy formation!
Kingdom Mission
Join and complete different Kingdoms mission everyday! Upgrade your Nation, become the biggest and most successful Kingdoms in C3K History!

Features and Events

Hundreds of events and features waiting for you! Gather the entire resource available, collect and upgrade your troops, equipments, weapons and many more! So, what are you waiting for?! Come and fulfill your destiny as the Greatest General in C3K!